The Thing in The Picture

By: CaspHer

June 26, 2020 and July 27, 2020

Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts

Who doesn’t enjoy a few great glamourous selfies when they come out of Victoria’s Secret with a custom-made brazier after a long time of waiting?

After a quick visit with a local in the area to pick up some wines and other goodies, Lucie decided to get extra comfy after discovering her package had arrived. Prior to the pandemic, Lucie spent a vast amount of time getting custom-fitted for a few bras at Victoria’s. Normally, she would be able to stop by and pick up her merchandise but because of COVID-19, she had to let them mail it.

After her short but compact day full of events, she decided that it was okay to try on her new bras even though they fit and take selfies with them on.

Why not?

She’s at home and in the comfort of her space. Without a second thought, she prepared her ipad pro for automatic photos to be taken while she modeled in her bedroom. She decided to use the natural lighting as apposed to using a pop light filter. She felt like the natural lighting brought out the normalcy in taking a simple picture. Lucie could absolutely pass for a plus size model if she pursued that career but she was not interested in prancing around in underwear. Lucie had high respect to those who did modeling of all sizes.

Without much thought, Lucie stood around and let the camera roll while she switched between bras of different designs and patterns. After all, she spent a great fortune on these things as well as waiting a long time.

Prior to her outdoor adventure, she was not feeling like herself. She wasn’t dealing with pandemic stress or symptoms of Covid. Her mood and internal balance seemed off. Strangely, she had been feeling a sudden wave of doom, fear and deeply inconsolable sadness. There were no explanations for those feelings looming over her. These feelings would resurface for a few weeks now and she paid very close attention to the changes in her mood. Lucie was hypersensitive and watchful of everything and everyone.

Lucie always wore a silver necklace with a peace sign on it and hadn’t removed it for nearly two years since she’d received it as a gift. Her aunt gave her that necklace during her visit a few summers ago.

Instantly after taking pictures for nearly two hours and a full camera roll full of photos in the natural sunlight, she noticed something extremely odd in the third photo.

She examined her picture closely and noticed what seemed to be a dark mass casting over her right shoulder and to the center of her chest. Whatever it was made it’s way over her necklace and completely drained the life out of her face in the picture. She looked dead. It was almost like she’d seen what she looked like if she were to be standing there lifeless. Her eyes were dark holes and her lips were practically lifeless. Her breasts appeared deflated and bra faded. Naturally, Lucie is an extremely pretty girl with a face full of life but not so much in this picture. Her cheeks appeared sunken as if she’d been dead for a few days.

When she examined the other portion of her picture, she saw what looked like the outline of a claw or paw on her right arm where the sun landed. Her hair was in tight curls freshly released from pipe cleaners the night before the photos. Even her curly hair looked weathered and drained of life. The more she examined the picture, the more she became creeped out by whatever was in the room with her.

She’d never seen something so creepy in her life. She believed that was only in the movies when someone lived in a haunted house. Her home was not haunted as far as she was concerned. Whatever that thing in the picture was needed to get out of her house entirely. The image was far too profound to simply delete and forget.

All of her other pictures came out beautifully as intended. Some were in the natural light and the rest were done with the lighting in her bedroom. It started getting late and the sun had already dipped away by the time she got done with examining the pictures. Still, the eerie picture with the claw and dark mass scared her for a few days.

Lucie was ready to call off taking selfies in her house ever again. But why be dramatic? She pays her bills and deserves to be comfortable in her own house! She has nowhere else to call her home. So, she decided to reclaim her space that she rests her head in with smudging her home.

A few weeks had gone by and Lucie couldn’t shake that imagery from her memory. Sunken cheeks, horrible shadow crossing her neck and covering her chain. She caved and showed her sister the picture. By then, Lucie was absolutely sure that there was something in the room with her that day. Her sister wrote it off as poor lighting and so many other things other than what was really in there with her.

A few more days after being discredited, Lucie asked her mother to look at the picture to see if that was really just poor lighting. Well, her mother did not discredit her. Her mom’s face dropped when she’d seen the picture too. The woman sat up in her chair and put her glasses on to look at the picture closely. Indeed, Lucie was right! There was some unknown thing in the picture with Lucie and it certainly needed to get out.

Her mother said she would help her sage and smudge her house when she came around. Whatever was in there had also been responsible for the unexplainable wave of sadness and doom Lucie was experiencing. Lucie promised that she would never ask her sister for help ever again. Her sister made her feel worse and crazy.

After the cleansing, things began to feel comfortable and she was able to relax in the house she pays bills in. There will be plenty of more selfies to be taken once again.

Photo Description: A young African American woman modeling in a black lacy bra. She is showcasing a plus-size bra. She wears a necklace around her neck, hand resting on left shoulder strap.