By: CaspHer

June 27, 2020 and July 29, 2020

Down to her last few days before turning 32 years old, Dee was still in shock that she had even made it this far in life. Dee had overcome so many situations that made her question whether or not if she would live to see another year. So many dreadful accidents and a mother who prayed over her safety every time she left home. Not only did her mother pray for her to be safe, she also had a friend who prayed for her well-being and so forth.

Sitting outside on a rock in the sunny wind, Dee thought to herself, “Oh my goodness…. I cannot believe I’m actually turning 32 years old in a few days!” She is turning of age amid a pandemic as well. Life is continuing no matter what is happening with humans on this earth. Dee still got carded at the night clubs at each bar she approached. She is often mistaken for a high school senior because of her short stature and youthful appearance. During her days in high school, she was also mistaken for a middle school student because she appeared much younger than a teen.

If she needed to prove how old she was, Dee needed to carry some form of official identification.

Dee spent a lot of her time using technology for distanced communication as it is the current new way of communication from now on. She and her friend Stacy spent countless hours in each other’s company on Facetime. Had it not been for the pandemic, she would be in Wisconsin hanging out for a week. She missed her friend a lot and FaceTime was their outlet.

Things have been awry at Dee’s for a few weeks. Tensions on rise and people are on edge with both interactions with one another as well as the pandemic. All of which seemed to be an open source for negative vibes for Dee and so many bad thoughts.

People are unaware of the transparency of vibes and how easy it is to spread both good and bad energy to others and spaces. Because Dee is aware of how important to keep the vibes around her under control, she has decided against having multiple guests over. Many of the visitors were people she had seen on a regular basis.

One evening, Dee and Stacy were on a FaceTime call and Dee was standing near her pool in the backyard with her phone on a tripod on wheels. Stacy looked at her phone and began a conversation with Dee about the possibility of relocating to another state.

“I think I want to move to Boston in two years once this pandemic is under control,” Dee began to explain how her brothers and sisters always argued over nonsense. All she wanted was for it to be peaceful and drama free at home. She regretted letting them move in nearly a year ago. It’s like they also packed all of the toxic vibes with them once they’d moved in. Dee had a large house to fit everyone in comfortably. Plus, she didn’t like the idea of living alone during crazy times like this. Isolation is a slow killer and she didn’t want to fall victim to it.

On the other hand, maybe being alone was something Dee needed to learn from instead of being around constant hassle and annoying battles between siblings. Neither of them contributed to bills nor offered since she rescued them from being homeless. If they weren’t going to pay for anything or contribute, the least they could do was be respectful to her space.

Stacy laid back on her recliner and replied, “Well…you could just move to Wisconsin, but you’ve adopted your siblings and their kids. That would be difficult to do with all of them on your back,” that was indeed true. Finding housing was difficult as well as having the money to pay if a specific job wasn’t enough to make m=ends meet.

Dee always found herself in situations like these where being helpful gets her “shit on” by those she helped.

Since her family came to live with her and their kids, things have not been terribly relaxing. Even with numerous conversations about maintaining the dynamics didn’t work. There have been uproars of fist fights and unnecessary disputes. Dee has been needing to replace furniture because of the damage done from fights.

Dee stood directly in front of her phone while communicating with Stacy. Stacy has a hearing loss that requires seeing the face of the person in order to partially read lips.

Dee’s family left for a much-needed retreat in Vermont. They would be staying with distant relatives on their ranch for a week and three days. This meant, Dee could finally go back to the calmness before her family moved in and the pandemic struck. The emptiness at her house no longer felt calming and relaxing. It felt like there had been some residual negative energy left behind. Unfortunately, they did not pack their toxicity for their trip.

While Dee and Stacy were talking through FaceTime, Stacy noticed a man’s face in place of Dee’s. The man appeared tired and with an angry disposition for expression. Dee was confused as to why Stacy reacted the way she did when Dee turned to her right for a moment. The man’s face was glaring angrily directly through the phone.

“What the hell was that? A man’s face for a brief moment?”

“What are you talking about?” Dee questioned.

“I saw an angry old man’s face where yours was supposed to be. You got photo bombed by an old ghost man or something,” Stacy explained.

“Wow…it could be a slight camera glitch and the Wi-Fi lagging,” Dee tried to rationalize what could very well be true. After all, nothing felt comfortable anymore even with the gang gone.

Dee continued, “Also, this house hasn’t felt comfortable even after everyone left for their vacation. It’s like they left behind all of their low vibrations with me.”

Stacy finalized the subject with an idea of smudging the house while everyone is gone to clean out the bad energy. Maybe she would enjoy the little bit of peace in her home before they returned and ruined it all over again. They chatted briefly about her move to Boston again before disconnecting the call for the night.

They brushed it off and continued their conversation.

Several days later, Dee is out in public getting done with grocery shopping. She’s wearing a mask and social distancing from others as instructed. Suddenly an old man about her height appears in front of her abruptly. He’s in her personal space and says nothing. Nor does he bother to move out of her way. So, for not saying anything and jumping out directly in front of her, she elbowed the man out her way. She proceeds to keep walking but gets an eerie feeling instantly because she suddenly remembered about the weird FaceTime session. He looked exactly like the old man that Stacy saw during their FaceTime chat. She wanted to verify with Stacy who or what it looked like.

Dee is home and settled from her weird morning out in public and is now chatting with her friend Stacy over FaceTime again.

Dee asked about the man that Stacy saw and for a description. Neither of them matched exactly but was close enough to creep them both out.

Her family came back after their vacation and brought in their unchanged vibes yet again. Heavy toxic vibes. Before the day ended, she asked them to pack up and go back to the ranch again. She needed time for herself. She realized then that she could no longer be invested in helping people who didn’t appreciate all of what she did out of generosity. Sometimes family members can be ungrateful and continue to misuse and abuse the generous souls.

Dee was tired of being stepped on even by family.

A year after they’d moved out into their own houses, Dee’s home life improved for the better. She was no longer feeling bad vibes and having nightmares anymore. Everything went back to the way it was for her but took a long time to recover.

An Asian woman taking a selfie in daylight. In the background is an  apparation of a ghost staring over her shoulder.